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I'm a combo Game Dev/YouTuber you may have heard of. You know, Jacksfilms: Fivehead's Flight? No? Well, you've definitely not heard of me then.

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Posted by ShenDoodles - July 5th, 2016

I've been spending the last few days doing two things: trying to fix my broken audio drivers so that I can continue development, and when that inevitably fails watching SGDQ on my iPad. SGDQ would kill my productivity anyway, but at least I'd spend some time developing if Razer had a drivers section on their site. If anyone knows where I can get drivers for a Razer Kraken Pro, I would be very thankful.

I've decided on the music for my game, now I just need to finish the puzzles, write some dialogue and animate some cutscenes and we should be golden.

Hopefully next time I can bring better news.

Stay awesome, guys. Mystery Mudokon out.

Posted by ShenDoodles - July 1st, 2016

So far, development of my new game's going smoothly. I feel secure announcing that it''s a fanmade spiritual successor to Riddle School.

I've run into a few issues with dialogue, but I'm getting closer to solving them. Hopefully this means that I can use the code for other rooms and finally get working on the fun bit. I hope that the 3 people who look at it will enjoy it. Until it's nearly done, I won't go into specifics.

JD-Brony has been helpful with getting a few issues fixed. Now that I'm back on Newgrounds, I wonder why I left.

That's all for now, until next time, Mystery Mudokon out. ;)

Posted by ShenDoodles - June 28th, 2016

I've not used Newgrounds for a long time. I only had one game, and it flopped. However, over the past few years I've got really into game development and I've finally got to a level where I can make assets that don't suck and code too. My first good game, Jacksfilms: Fivehead's Flight has absolutely exploded because of Jack himself. After severe depression, I'm finally happy and ready to make some games. Number one should arrive very soon if all goes to plan.